What is Trustify-me?

Trustify-me provides specialized web Trustify Security Verified Seals that promote the safe online practices of your website and notify you with any problems that could put your business and consumers confident in your business at risk. We offer these security solutions to worldwide clients and encourage their consumers for fair online trading.

Trustify-me realizes that growing number of online companies shakes the consumers’ confidence and they begin to doubt about the legitimacy of a website. Our Business Verification Service, Security and Trustify Privacy Verified Seals eliminate these significant barriers and increase the likelihood that consumers will buy from your website as they become sure that they can access your website safely and securely. We also help businesses and online visitors to overcome fears regarding the Fraud, internet scams and data theft. Our authority logos when displayed on your website offer visitors transparency and improve their trust in your website and business.

Third Party Verification

Your customers need to reach a certain level of assurance and trust before they make a final purchase. Trustify-me helps you achieve this level of trust this by acting as a trusted third party. Our professional Privacy Policy and Business Verification services put your visitor's concerns to rest. Below is more information about our verification services:

Privacy Policy Verification with Trustify-me

Online purchasers are always cautious about their information privacy and often they quit your website in doubt even if they liked your product and price. An authenticated and professional Privacy Policy assures your potential customers about the measures that you take when it comes to their personal information security. If your website already displays a privacy policy, we can verify it to make it meet with our basic requirements. Once verified, you can display our Privacy Verified Seal anywhere on your website.

Business Verification with Trustify-me

Potential customers always want to know if product and other relevant information displayed on your website are accurate and after-sales support will be provided after purchase. Statistically, 95% of your web visitors want to know if your website is a legitimate business. Trustify-me builds their confidence by verifying your website's business address, support email and support phone as well as other relevant information. And this helps you defend your online reputation in case any issue arises from the customer. Our Business Verified Seal assure your visitors that you are a company they can trust.

How can I Improve My Sales Revenue?

It’s a common observation that statistically 98 out of every 100 web visitors leave your website before buying. This is not the move that you expect from your potential customers as you spent a lot of time and money to bring those visitors to your website. You always wonder if there is an easy, fast, and effective way to convert more of them into paying customers. Yes, there is!

The 1st concern: Is my personal information Safe and Secure?
An 88% of Internet users surveyed viewed this as "Very Important"

The 2nd concern: Can I Trust the site and the information on it?
An 81% of Internet users surveyed viewed this as "Very Important" and 95% of those surveyed wants the correct information such as access to websites email address, street address, and phone number.

The 3rd concern: Does the site have a good Privacy Policy?
A 76% of Internet users surveyed, viewed this as "Very Important"

When you successfully address these concerns, you successfully win the customer’s Confidence and Trust. The more trust and integrity your website has, the more sales you will make. Simply put, Build Trust - Increase Conversions!

SECURITY - why it's really an issue?

Security is Consumers #1 Concern. To address this concern of your potential buyers we verify the following on your website:
  • Is your customer’s personal and business information safe?
  • Do you use an SSL to protect this information as it's transferred from user to server?

BUSINESS identity - why it is important?

Customers want to know who you are before they buy. Customers are always interested to know who you are before they pay you for a product or service. We help them build confidence in your business by verifying the following:
  • Who controls your website?
  • Are your company's address, phone number, and email displayed on your website?
  • Has this information been verified by a trustworthy third party?

PRIVACY - why it is a concern?

What are you doing to protect your visitors’ privacy? In order to build trust with your customers, add credibility to your website and make them confident about their data and site security, these concerns must be resolved professionally and effectively. This is the best way to convert your visitors into paying buyers and increase sales. And displaying a Trustify-me on your website is the most effective and easiest way to do this.

By seeing a verification seal your visitors will instantly realize that your website has been evaluated and verified by a trustworthy third party they will buy from you with confidence!

How to get Trustify-me Seals

Our process for awarding you Trustify-me seal of your choice is very simple. You need to follow that simple process, and we will award you Trustify-me seal of your choice, which is a symbol of customer satisfaction and enhanced reputation of your website!

  • Choose a seal or seals package of your choice
  • Provide Signup Information
  • Verify email address & Sign in
  • Provide Personal and/or Business information (whichever is applicable)
  • Trustify-me will Verify your Personal and/or Business information.
  • Pay the fee for verification your seal package
  • Download the “code” for your personalized Trustify-me Seals
  • Apply the code on the website, for which it was generated.

For further information on process, you can visit out Help Center.

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