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Trustify-me specialization in Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals helps your business to maintain customer trust and loyalty, generate online revenues, and improve website credibility. Trustify-me solutions are based on the analysis of your website for potential weaknesses and we ensure its safety by displaying our seal on your website.

Online visitors of your website when click on our seal displaying on your website and click it, they can see the security certificate in a new window. This sends customers an instant signal of security particularly to customers who must submit their personal information including their e-mail addresses or Payment information for an order processing. This seal is a proof that your website has been scanned and verified by a trustworthy, Independent third-party.

Website owners put quality time, effort and money to make their website a perfect place for shoppers. But as inexperience and non-technical persons they can’t evaluate their website for dangerous content, weaknesses, and links that can collect private information from the consumer’s personal computer and expose it to malicious attacks. Trustify-me executes this job and we issue the seal only after we are confident that your website is completely secure and safe for consumers. These seals increase customer’s confidence in your business and they become less reluctant to purchase products and services that you website offers. It eliminates their doubts and this improves their trust in your business continuity and profitability.

Benefits to Display a Certificate Seal on your Website!

  • Improved Customer Confidence
  • Ensure Customers Personal Information Safety
  • Certify your Website Information
  • Display Seals backed by a Reliable Third Party
  • Build Trust
  • Increase Profits
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Team @ Trustify-me

Team at Trustify-me helps you to transform your website into a successful business and our sales and support staff always addresses your concerns about your business safety and they work together with you to make your website even better and more effective.

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