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Trustify-me offers the business solutions that put your customer's security, privacy, and business identity concerns to rest. We do this in a comprehensive way and guarantee you win more sales.


Trustify-me helps you sleep tension free nights as you know your website is a safe place for the customers.


We verify your complete website as compared to the competitors and testify each and every section of the site. We also offer the best guarantee in the Seals industry and with the better conversion rates and at low prices.

What Does Trustify-me Offe?

To lend a hand in your decision making process, we bring to you what we call the Trustify-me Total Offer below including the features and benefits that you get when you choose Trustify-me.

Quality, Performance and Innovation
Here at Trustify-me, we take trust to new heights and as a leader in the security, privacy, and business identity industries; we continually bring innovation and testing in an effort to further improve the quality of our products and services.

Our custom seals give you the facility to add your domain name to your Trustify-me seals on your website. This provides two vital benefits. First, it adds more authentications to the seals, and second, it makes it almost impossible for anyone to duplicate or steal our seals and add them to non-verified sites, which guards the integrity of our brand and adds more value to your website.

Activating Availability
Our unique, automated system helps us to start an instant communication as soon as soon as you place an order to begin the verification process.

Guaranteed Customer Support
If you ever need to contact us for any reason, you can get hold of us through email, live chat, and phone 5 days a week.

100% Guarantee
Trustify-me is offering our services to worldwide loyal customers and we know that adding Trustify-me seals to your website will boost your sales, which is why we back our services comprehensive multi-seal packages - the best guarantee in the industry

Status and Reputation When you display Trustify-me seals on your website, you add extra influential power to your website reputation and goodwill associated with the Trustify-me brand. In addition, placing the Trustify-me seals on your website stand you out from your competition, giving you the advantage while building a reputation of trust and confidence with your consumers.

Low Price Leader
Before you decide to pay for Security, Privacy, or Trustify Business Verified Seals from any other company please consider that we are the only company in the world that offers all three verification services together in one place and without any setup fees, no contracts and all for a fraction of the price that you would pay if you buy these services individually from our competition.

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