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For the success and creditability of an e-commerce website, it is crucial to provide an informative and up-to-date privacy policy and a verified seal, when you want your customer to trust your website and maintain their confidence in your business.

A good Privacy Policy has become a vital part of a business and now there are several state and federal laws and standards, along with a number of independent initiatives to facilitate online businesses to improve the quality and accuracy of their privacy policies and procedures.

Trustify-me is steadily becoming a leading privacy services provider, beating other long time leaders in the industry. When you see our Privacy Certification seal and service, it's simple to observe why Trustify-me privacy Certification seals are seen on web pages all around the world.

Privacy Policy Verification Services

When you request for a Privacy Verified seal, we work with you to bring your privacy policy not only up to Trustify-me's basic privacy standards, but we also help you to comply with the standards of several leading privacy organizations by advising you how to get the most accurate, informative privacy policy possible.

If for some reason you don't comply with the standards of one or more of the initiatives, we inform you of any additional steps needed to comply. Once you have a ready to publish policy, you have the option to send it to us to verify.

Briefly, when it comes to privacy, the most important thing your customers truly want to know is that you take their privacy sincerely. By displaying a Trustify-me Privacy Certification seal on your website, your privacy policy instantly stands out from the competition, and provides your customers with additional comfort and peace of mind, making them more likely to trust you and buy from you.

In addition to Trustify-me Privacy Certification Seal, we also offer Security and Business Certification seals, and these three seals work together to resolve the 3 main concerns that your customers have regarding your website. This helps you to maximize your sales and conversion, so you make more Sales!

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